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A Bother of Bodies

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  • A.J. Capper

  • Mystery
  • Paperback ISBN 10: 1-938888-08-1 | ISBN 13: 978-1-938888-08-3

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  • eBook ($6.95): Kindle, Nook
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Mabel Fuller, and her brother, Dean, are on the run because of Mabel's attempt to kill their mother fifteen years ago. But they're not worried about the law. Their main concern is the family that raised them, the McAllisters, headed by two brothers in control of all things illegal in Montreal's west end. Mabel and Dean manage to avoid the large Irish network with frequent moves and aliases. Or, so they thought. When dead bodies turn up in Dean's newly-purchased barn, the brother and sister fear the McAllisters have found them. Until they realize it's something worse...