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  • Elizabeth Young

  • Thriller
  • Paperback ISBN 10: 1-938888-15-4 | ISBN 13: 978-1-938888-15-1

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In November, 1944, the Japanese began launching 9,300 unmanned bomb-carrying balloons (Fugo) that were carried east over the Pacific Ocean by the jet stream. The bombs were intended to drop over America and explode, causing forest fires, general panic and deaths. However, without a reliable guidance system, most of the balloons did not reach North America. The US Government suppressed information about the project, and fortunately most of the bombs fell into the ocean or exploded harmlessly. Only six deaths occurred. Japan stopped the launches in 1945.

Now, almost 70 years later, a group of terrorists using modern computer technology and the latest GPS guidance systems will try and succeed where the Japanese failed. It will be up to an unlikely group, including the President, the National Security Advisor, the Secretaries of Defense for both the United States and Russia, and the sister of the terrorist mastermind, herself a recent recruit for the CIA, to find a way to stop one of the deadliest terrorist attacks on US soil.

What people are saying about Fugo

“I was fortunate in being allowed to read FUGO very early. I found that it was difficult to put down because of the engaging mystery of the story. A seemingly implausible story was made completely believable by the author in building suspense, anxiety and fascination. This is a real page turner that captivates the imagination and satisfies the desire for gratification.” Donald R. Quayle, Founding President, National Public Radio

“Elizabeth Young has followed her first novel Do You See Him Now with another page turning thriller, this time entering the red hot world of Counter-Terrorism. With a tightly woven plot and well drawn characters, it gives readers a glimpse of the deadly plans of those who wish us harm, and the men and women who risk all to keep us safe. Well Done!” Morris Busby, Former Ambassador-at-Large For Counter-Terrorism

“Liz Young’s superbly crafted tale of high-tech terrorism and international intrigue moves at a breakneck pace from the first page to the last. A first-rate story, packed with action and ringing with authenticity, the book is based on a frighteningly simple conspiracy that holds America hostage to plaque from the sky. This all-too realistic thriller is sure to be only the first of many novels from this talented storyteller.” David W. Thompson, Chairman and CEO of Orbital Sciences Corporation