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Keep Calm and Query On

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  • Luke Reynolds

  • Writing, Authorship, Author Interviews
  • Paperback ISBN 10: 0-9842930-7-8 | ISBN 13: 978-0-9842930-7-0

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In Keep Calm and Query On, Luke Reynolds discusses his journey as a writer with all of its bludgeoning defeats and small triumphs. Against the backdrop of life abroad in York, England, these reflections on living and writing pulse with hope, wisdom, and conviction.

Luke’s journey as a writer is accompanied by 14 interviews he has conducted with powerful and prolific authors, including Jane Smiley, Daniel Handler (a.k.a. Lemony Snicket), George Saunders, Lindsey Collen, and David Wroblewski. They discuss their worst rejections, their first publications, what keeps them motivated, and why they believe in the power of words.

What people are saying about Keep Calm and Query On

“Reading Keep Calm and Query On is like sitting down one afternoon with a good friend, a fellow writer who knows first-hand about the daily struggles of the writing life. Only this friend is also wise and caring and generous with his support. And when the day is over and you have to leave, you will go with the quiet certainty that you are on the right path.” Francisco X. Stork, author of the novels "Marcelo in the Real World" and "Irises"

“‘Stubbornness saved me,’ says Charles Baxter, in Luke Reynolds’s brave new book, Keep Calm and Query On, a collection of deeply honest personal accounts that show how a group of wise and gifted authors have developed and sustained the stubbornness every writer needs to survive.” Sarah Stone, author of the Booksense 76 Pick Novel "The True Sources of the Nile"

“Keep Calm and Query On is a rallying cry to writers of all ages to find out what drives them to make art. A compassionate, challenging, and creative call to action for writers everywhere—both aspiring and veteran.” Betsy Lerner, author of "The Forest for the Trees: An Editor’s Advice to Writers"

“In this lucid, readable, warm and admirably honest book, Luke Reynolds offers up fine comfort for writers just starting out and those well established seeking to weather the inevitable struggles that at times attend a writing life.” E.J. Levy, author with work appearing in The New York Times, Best American Essays, and The Paris Review