About Us

Divertir Publishing is an independent publisher located in Salem, NH. Our goal is to provide interesting and entertaining books to our readers, as well as to offer new and exciting voices in the writing community the opportunity to publish their work. We seek to combine an understanding of traditional publishing with a unique understanding of the modern market to best serve both our authors and readers.

We use a combination of digital printing (print-on-demand) and distribution in electronic formats for the majority of our books. We understand that relying solely on digital printing and eBooks limits our access to some distribution channels (such as brick-and-mortar bookstores). We believe the cost savings resulting from the use of these technologies will allow us to publish in niche areas which are not currently served by many publishers – such as publishing short story collections. We limit the number of books published each year to guarantee that each book receives the individual attention required to create the highest quality product possible.

Divertir Publishing feels the most effective way to introduce up and coming authors to our readership is through the use of short stories. To this end, our strategy is to publish several short story collections each year, in addition to an online magazine that will be started at the end of 2014. Each collection will have a common theme, while the magazine will feature an assortment of stories.


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Divertir Publishing LLC
PO Box 232
North Salem, NH 03073

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