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Short Stories

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  • Invisible Society Fables
  • Short Stories on Homelessness

  • by Phil Canalin
  • Paperback: $14.95, eBook: $6.95

  • In 2010, President Obama initiates his ten-year plan to end homelessness for all Americans. In 2012, HUD estimates 637,000 people experience homelessness on any given night in the USA. Today, we’re making progress…right?
  • A portion of the proceeds for this book are being donated to Building Futures with Women and Children.
  • Strange Case Files
  • Short Story Collection

  • Edited by Mel Ngai
  • eBook: $4.95

  • Who are The Sword and Shield? What does a Private Investigator and Paranormal Specialist do when his childhood home becomes the "scene of the crime"? Why was Miss Bancroft killed over the rare jade chrysanthemums? How does a cat help two detectives solve a murder? Find the answers to these and other mysteries in the pages of Strange Case Files.
  • Damn Faeries
  • Short Story Collection

  • Edited by Elizabeth Harvey
  • Paperback: $10.95, eBook: $3.95

  • Damn Faeries is a collection of faerie tales for those that never quite grew out of them. There's no telling what surprises and horrors lie around every nook and cranny of this book. The tales within are designed to amuse and delight, inspire and entertain, and remind us that magic is only ever a pixie's wing away.
  • Under the Stairs
  • Short Story Collection

  • Edited by Lisa Keele
  • Paperback: $9.95, eBook: $3.95

  • The short story collection Under the Stairs was an idea born in response to Flash Fiction Month on a popular art and literature website. This collection contains 20 stories of various genres written by authors from around the world. Each story is under 2000 words in length and is sure to keep the reader entertained.
  • When Nightmares Fall
  • Short Story Collection

  • Edited by Elizabeth Harvey
  • Paperback: $11.95, eBook: $3.95

  • These stories and more lurk in the pages of this fantastic new book. Each tale of supernatural suspense features a new voice in the world of writing and is sure to keep readers on the edge of their seats. When Nightmares Fall is both entertaining and a good diversion for anyone looking to step sideways into the world of the surreal and the terrifying.