Short Stories

This summer Divertir Publishing will be starting a new online magazine. In addition to articles about the company, the magazine will feature short stories. Thus, we are currently accepting short stories in all of the genres listed below. Stories may be selected for the magazine, for one of out upcoming short story collection, or both.


For Authors

Divertir Publishing is currently accepting queries from authors and agents.

Please refer to our submissions guidelines for more information about how to send your work to us.

What we are interested in:

Fiction: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Historical, Historical Romance, Alternate History, Mystery and Suspense, Paranormal, Romance, Short Stories, and Young Adult.

Non Fiction: Political/Social Commentary, Current Events, and Humor and Satire.

What we ARE NOT interested in:

Erotica and graphic novels (sex/violence), Textbooks (any topic), Novellas, Memoirs, and Single-Author Poetry and Short Story collections. Also, we don't publish Young Adult or New Adult manuscripts with sexual themes – because we’re prudes.

Short Stories: Divertir Publishing believes the most effective way to establish readerships for up and coming authors is through short story collections. Thus, we publish several collections each year. We prefer stories between 1,000-15,000 words. Please see the notepad above for our current short story interests

Author Compensation: For novels and nonfiction manuscripts Divertir Publishing uses a sliding royalty scale which is dependent on the total number of copies sold, starting at 12.5% of net sales and going up to 17.5%. We do not pay advances and do not make exceptions to this policy. Divertir Publishing also currently does not compensate authors for short stories or poetry published in one of our multi-author collections.

We feel that authors should understand the following before they submit a manuscript to Divertir Publishing. Divertir Publishing currently uses a combination of digital printing (print-on-demand) and electronic formats for distributing books. In addition we do not accept returns from bookstores. Because we do not accept unlimited returns, most major "brick-and-mortar" bookstores will not carry our books. Our decision to use digital printing and to limit returns has resulted in a more cost-effective distribution model, allowing us to publish materials in niche areas, such as experimental works, short story and poetry collections, and manuscripts from authors who are not well known. There are several outlets for selling books online, and we target these outlets for distribution. If you feel your book would best be marketed in "brick-and-mortar" bookstores then we are probably not the right publisher for your manuscript.

It is important for authors to be an integral part of the publishing process. Therefore, we involve authors in all major decisions concerning their manuscript, from cover design to suggestions for book promotion. We feel that the advantage of an independent publisher is the personal attention we are able to give authors.