Short Stories

This summer Divertir Publishing will be starting a new online magazine. In addition to articles about the company, the magazine will feature short stories. Thus, we are currently accepting short stories in all of the genres listed on our For Authors page. Stories may be selected for the magazine, for one of out upcoming short story collection, or both.



Please note queries that do not follow our submissions guidelines, do not contain the correct information in the email subject, or are sent to the wrong email address will automatically be rejected.

Authors can refer to our For Authors page for more information about what we are interested in and how we compensate authors.

Please send all queries to You can address the email to Ken Tupper, the Publisher. We currently only accept queries electronically.

How your email should look:

  • Name: Your name. Please include your full name in the query. Not including your full name makes it difficult to respond to the query.
  • Subject: Title, genre, word count (for example: Pride and Prune Juice, romance, 76k)
  • Body: Your query letter. Please note that queries will often be rejected based solely on the query letter, so it is important your query letter describe your manuscript in enough detail for us to determine if it would be of interest to us. Attach a synopsis and first three chapters of your manuscript in a Word or RTF document.

Please virus scan all submissions before sending them. Receipt of material that contains computer viruses will result in the author’s submissions automatically being rejected and the author’s email address being blocked. If you are unable to virus scan your query, please include all requested material in the body of your email as plain text.

Fiction and nonfiction should be 60,000 to 80,000 words. Please note that, unless the author can demonstrate the length is warranted, we will not consider manuscripts of more than 100,000 words for publications. Authors may refer to the following blogs for our policies on word count:

We usually review queries within 3-6 weeks. All submissions will receive a response. If we are interested we’ll request the full manuscript; please do not send the full manuscript with the initial query. If you have not received a response to your query in three months, please feel free to inquire on the status.