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Blood Matter

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  • M.V. Ghiorghi

  • Mystery
  • Paperback ISBN 10: 1-938888-13-8 | ISBN 13: 978-1-938888-13-7

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FBI Agent Joe ‘Hound’ Vasquez is on the scent of ‘Viper,’ a mysterious and sadistic serial killer. Viper murders young men, executes other serial killers while they are incarcerated in maximum security prisons, and most recently took the life of Joe's partner. Joe is not just out for justice; he's out for revenge. To complicate matters, Joe suspects that Dr. Gabrielle Lubovich, a beautiful, controversial researcher and profiler connected to the case, had assisted Viper in the past and is now on the monster’s short list. With pressure increasing from above to solve the case and the chase narrowing, Joe must choose between destroying the woman he loves or becoming the man he was determined never to become…

A broken hearted FBI Agent on the run from his demons… A sadistic genius with a penchant for vengeance… A beautiful forensic psychiatrist with a monstrous past… A doomed love triangle born of crime. Can Agent Vasquez survive the Blood Matter?