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Invisible Society Fables

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  • Phil Canalin

  • Short Stories on Homelessness
  • Paperback ISBN 10: 1-938888-10-3 | ISBN 13: 978-1-938888-10-6

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Note: A portion of the profits from each sale of this book will be donated to Building Futures with Women and Children.

In 2010, President Obama initiates his ten-year plan to end homelessness for all Americans. In 2012, HUD estimates 637,000 people experience homelessness on any given night in the USA. Today, we're making progress...right? But the issue's not going away any time soon. Invisible Society Fables looks at homelessness, using the story lines and morals of classic childhood fables and converting them to contemporary tales of homelessness in a straightforward, respectful manner. Let these new fables show the ironies and intricacies of circumstance while gently reminding us that anyone can be homeless-neighbors, friends, family, me, you. Most passersby choose to ignore the homeless person huddled on the curb, moving swiftly past, avoiding eye contact, literally side-stepping any connection. In the end, who seeks to hide and who becomes invisible?