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Strange Case Files

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  • Mel Ngai, Editor

  • Short Story Collection, Noir

  • eBook ($4.95): Kindle, Nook

  • Who are The Sword and Shield?
  • What does a Private Investigator and Paranormal Specialist do when his childhood home becomes the "scene of the crime"?
  • When does a case become merely the "cousin of all cliches"?
  • Why was Miss Bancroft killed over the rare jade chrysanthemums?
  • How does a cat help two detectives solve a murder?
Find the answers to these and other mysteries in the pages of Strange Case Files, a noir short story collection that promises to take readers to the very edge of the world of mystery.


Noir Bourgeois, by Laura Renfrew
The Purrfect Witness, by Art Carey
Trouble in Jades, by Larry Lefkowitz
Martin Was Here, by Erik T. Johnson
To Protect and Serve, by Justin Jessel
The Pinstripe Man, by Jamie McSloy
Her Last Kill, by Lisa Keele
The Hard Way Down, by Jason Prybylski
One More Try, by Vincent Ngai